The Girl at Night

The girl was probably scared, looking back and forth. At last, she saw me and ran towards me.
Brother, you save me, if you still leave me, they will take me by force and rape me.

The Girl at night

It was raining heavily at ten or eleven at night and I just got off the rickshaw with an umbrella. As soon as I got off, a stranger came and grabbed me! I’m not scared at all!

Because most of the time, the boys and girls on the sidewalk come and grab me and say, “Brother, give me ten taha, I haven’t eaten anything.”
But today I was surprised that a young girl grabbed me.
Before I could say anything, the girl sobbed and cried,
“I am coming from the village to Dhaka this morning to give viva for a job. It is late at night to give viva. I was waiting for the bus. Suddenly two people came towards me. Before I knew it, they left with my bag and mobile phone.”

I have no relatives in Dhaka. I have no money. I couldn’t eat anything all day. What do I do now?
I can’t think where to go.
Seeing you, gentleman, please let me stay at your house today.
Leave me alone before anyone sees what you think.

I’m a bachelor here we just match the boys. I don’t have a family here to take you.
Besides, I’m going to trust a stranger in any sense? Go somewhere else. You will get many customers.
It’s late at night, I’m going home now, I have an office in the morning.
I left for home. A bike came. Two boys got off the bike and stood in front of the girl. I think I stood for a while to see what was happening.
Why do you have to look for your customers in the rain? Doesn’t a Wright cut without a customer?
The girl said with a sigh, “Brother, I am not what you think, I am standing here in danger.”

I don’t have to pretend so much, income is a little extra for you today. On a rainy day, the body is shaking. If not a little, the body will not be hot.
The girl was probably scared, looking back and forth. At last, she saw me and ran towards me.
Brother, you save me, if you still leave me, they will take me by force and rape me.

Brother, save me for God’s sake.
I forgot everything, I said holding the girl’s hand tightly
“You have nothing to fear. I am by your side.”
Seeing the girl next to me, the two on the bike left.
The girl let out a sigh of relief and thanked me.
Sorry! To misunderstand you, I have unknowingly told you a lot of contradictions. But I said I’m by your side, the problem is where will you stay all night?

You will not get any bus to go to the village before morning.
Well, you can think about it later, I haven’t eaten anything all day, I came to feed you first.
The girl is still holding my hand, her fear is probably not over yet.
It’s been a long night, it’s raining again today. All shops are closed. Luckily I found a hotel open, the hotel manager was begging the staff to close the hotel.

The hotel manager is my former acquaintance so for the time being some meals could be arranged. The girl was so hungry that she ate all the food of the two of them! I never thought that I would not eat!
Well, what do you say now? You can’t be taken to my mess, and I don’t have a girlfriend to take you to her house tonight.
He left me in big trouble. What do I do?
Today I feel like I have to spend the night on the road.
Well, let’s go for a walk, let’s talk while walking, we have to spend the night talking. Can you spend the night sleepless?
Why can’t I do what you say?

I will never be able to repay this debt that you have done me.
Well done, don’t be so appreciative. Well, why are you coming to Dhaka alone? And how is it that your parents sent you a girl to Dhaka alone?
My mother is not alive, my father remarries and I live in that family somehow. So it doesn’t matter what happens to me. Rather they are much happier without me.

I have studied with tuition with great difficulty and now if I get a job, I will be able to make a living, so come to Dhaka.
Sorry! To hurt by reminding you of your mother.
No, no, my life is miserable, there is no word for happiness.
Well, leave me alone and talk about your life.
My life! I woke up in the morning, ate two parathas and dal bhaji at the hotel, and went to the office hanging on the bus.
Then he finished his office at around 9:10 pm and returned home hanging on the bus. I go to the office again the next day, come again. This is the life of a bachelor’s private employee in Dhaka.
In the village house, there is a mother, a father, a younger brother and a sister. They are studying, they are human beings, they can build a beautiful life, that is my only goal.

I didn’t know when that night was spent talking about various things. I picked up the girl on the first tip bus in the morning.
The girl told me only one thing when she left
“In this city of unfamiliar danger, boys like you often come home late at night to stand by unfamiliar girls like us.”
I entered the office like every day. And since then I have returned home a little late every night.

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