Petni’s love affair

Petni gets up every morning to wash the dishes, sweep the house, clean the house, cook, wash the clothes, and so on.


There was a zamindar in one village. His son’s name is Rajesh. She was very beautiful and intelligent to look at. He had a very good relationship with everyone in the village. There was a deep forest next to that village. A petni lived in that forest. When the villagers went to work in the city or when they returned to the village from the city. Then they had to come through the jungle. A long time ago a man was returning from the city to the village and it had been deep nights since his return. So when he was walking through the forest, Petni killed him. As soon as this news became known in the village, everyone became very careful. They do not come through the jungle at night. Bikash was a very brave boy. He did not believe in ghosts. One day he went to town to meet one of his friends. It had been a deep night since he had been home for some time. When he was returning home through the jungle, She saw Rajesh. Rajesh looked very handsome so Petni fell in love with Rajesh and she wanted to marry Rajesh.

But do not understand how to fall in love with Rajesh. Suddenly she thought that if a beautiful girl could be dressed in front of Rajesh, then Rajesh might agree to marry her. So she immediately changed her form and took the form of a beautiful girl and appeared in front of Rajesh. Rajesh saw him and asked who are you? What are you doing alone in this forest so many nights? Then Petni replied to Rajesh that he was lost herself in this forest. He was going to town through this jungle with his family but suddenly he got lost and he could not get out of this jungle. Now she was very hungry so she was wandering around.

Rajesh heard this and invited to take her to his house. Petni agreed. Rajesh took Petni to his house and arranged for her to eat. After eating and drinking, Petni requested Rajesh that she would like to stay at his house for a few more days, instead she would do all the housework. On hearing this, Rajesh and his family all agreed. Petni gets up every morning to wash the dishes, sweep the house, clean the house, cook, wash the clothes, and so on. She does all the housework. A few days later, Rajesh’s mother told Rajesh’s father that this girl is beautiful to look at, beautiful and doing all the work in this house, so what if we marry Rajesh with it. Rajesh’s father agrees to the proposal and decides to marry Rajesh. Petni, meanwhile, was overjoyed to hear this and began to do all the work more quickly.

Seeing this, Rajesh’s mother became a little suspicious. She then began to keep an eye on Petni’s activity. She saw Petni standing in one place doing all the work. Seeing this, Rajesh’s mother got very scared and forgot about Rajesh’s father. The landlord did not believe this and wanted to see own eyes. He told Petni the next day that run out of cooking wood today. You cut some wood from the forest. Then Petni went to the forest and cut down a lot of wood. Petni took the wood that it took five people to bring. Then Zamindar Moshay believed that this girl was not an ordinary girl. Then he began to think of a way to seize Petni. At that time Rajesh said that he has thought of a way. He will tell Petni that he wants to marry her and will take her away from home and leave.

The next day Rajesh called Petni and told her that he wanted to marry her. Petni was very happy and agreed. Then Rajesh said that there is a condition. We have a rule in our house, we have to stay out of the house for a while before marriage, then we have to get married. On hearing this, Petney said, “I am willing to accept any condition to marry you.” Then Rajesh and Petni both went to a temple. Rajesh had already informed the priest who was there. The priest then began the sacrifice and imprisoned Petni in a bottle. Now Rajesh and the priest took the bottle and buried it at the bottom of the river so that the petni would not harm anyone else. From then on, there was no more petni harassment in the forest and everyone lived in peace.

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