Muhith’s Horror Night

Muhith’s Horror Night Story

Muhith is holding the newly purchased blade in his right hand Even though he touched his left-hand several times, he did not have the courage to cut the skin
Muhith will commit suicide today A special arrangement has been made for him If you commit suicide in a hurry, the environment of death cannot be felt So the whole house is arranged in one mortuary to feel the environment of death
A red light of 60 power is burning What kind of atmosphere has been created in the red light on the white wall of the house Along with that, special music of Russian psychologists is playing on the laptop

But Muhith repeatedly fails to cut the left-hand vein with the right-hand blade

His whole body is wet with sweat Sweat is dripping from the hair He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his right wrist Then he looked at the German clock on the east wall
The clock strikes 2:15 p.m. Muhith was a little surprised to see the time At one o’clock in the morning, he sat down to commit suicide with a blade An hour passed, but he did not understand It seems that only a few minutes have passed
Thinking that the German watch was broken, he kept an eye on the laptop watch The time is right Two fifteen fifteen
Muhith was disappointed Despair is like a twin soul in his life He can’t do anything like time How far have the people close to him gone with the passage of time? His school friends are established today School, college, varsity – they have achieved success in various things Someone has become a millionaire by doing business Someone is doing a very big job — where there is both respect and money Someone is having a happy family again
Muhith has not succeeded in anything, he has not found the man he loves He has been in a relationship with two daughters in his 28 years of life The relationship between the two did not survive Why didn’t he live? He can’t say that at all However, the two girls were very good Even if there was a problem with their character, I could have found solace in the fact that Bidhata had saved me from evil.
But that did not happen The girl has increased her level of frustration due to two good minds
She chose tonight to get rid of all the frustration Yet in no way can he take himself from this world to the next
Muhith has decided to end his life at 3:15 With a firm decision, he placed the hand blade on the bed in such a position As if the blade is something of great value

He grabbed the packet of cigarettes on the table and grabbed a cigarette from there
Leaving the long smoke, he started walking home He is wondering how many innovative ways to commit suicide
There is a problem to cut the hand with the blade and commit suicide If you hang on the ceiling fan, the problem will not be 6
Muhith’s cigarette is over He lit another lip and twisted the bed sheet and made it like a rope Then he tied the fan to the road The sheet is hanging like a rope from the road He put his head there and saw ৷ Yes, absolutely perfect
With a long puff of cigarette on his lips, he began to think of some more ways to commit suicide. Thinking about some of the rules, he thought that playing a sleeping pill makes things easier Life will end from sleep
But Muhith does not have a sleeping pill He searched the house, took out a sheet of Napa tablets and some gastric tablets and placed them on the table. These are also an option So now Muhith has three options You can end your life with one or the other
Muhith heard a laugh as he walked into the house Hearing the laughter, he stopped Eyes began to turn around to find out the source of laughter When he failed to find the source of the laughter, he thought: Maybe the laughter came from the music on the laptop.
Muhith is annoyed with the music now At three-fifteen, there are about forty minutes left Then he turned off the laptop thinking that the music could be started again
Three minutes later, the sound of laughter came to my ears again No girl is smiling The word laughter is very perfect This time it is as if he is smiling for a while But where the word is coming from — it is not blinding Muhith There is no sound coming from outside, because the doors and windows are all closed
As he looked around, he stared at the painting of a girl on the south wall. For a moment he thought that the girl in the painting was smiling
The painting is a German art A picture of a German girl painted in black between a mixture of white and yellow As far as Muhith remembers, the girl did not have a smile on her face when her elder sister gave it to her But he can see the smile from a few yards away The calling bell rang as soon as he stepped forward a few feet to make it clear
The calling bell rang three times in a row 2:35 pm 8 p.m. He stood at home wondering who would come so late at night The bell rang twice more He was a little shocked at that There is no one to come to him so late at night
Muhith is not a special person who will knock on the door of the house at night He is a failed man No one comes to the failed people at the wrong time
However, Muhith opened the door to see who came at this inopportune time There is no one outside the door He took his head out and looked at the stairs As far as vision goes — human zero
But did anyone in the other flat have fun! No one in this house is a cheap person Because most of the high officials and businessmen live here They make fun of helpless people Tao does not make fun directly Indirectly by 6
Muhith’s father was a very corrupt government official That’s why he was able to buy this flat But the boy died of a heart attack in a short time
Muhith was about to close the door when he saw the lamp on the stairs turn off for a few seconds and light up again. A girl was standing in front of the door.
Muhith stood stunned to see the girl Strange beauty 6 This girl is like the perfect art of any artist
The girl wore a western dress Skin color is fair The two eyes are impossibly large The eyes of the girls of Bengal are not so big And what a strange magic in his eyes — by which Muhith’s human body ৷ 7 is turning into frozen stone
Kajal is probably drawn in the eyes For which the eyes look unusually large A strange perfume is coming from the girl Muhith’s nose had never touched such a perfume before

It is as if a strange environment has been created Muhith is not able to remove the blink from the girl
‘Can I come in?’ Said the girl It was as if Muhith regained consciousness He put his zip on his lips and said, “Say yes?”
The girl’s eyes are not falling However, a smile matched on the lips With that smile he said again, ‘Can I come in?’
‘Your identity? ’
—‘My name is Georgia I live in Germany I came to Bangladesh on a special mission I arrived in Dhaka on a flight at one o’clock at night I wanted to get up at the hotel but your older sister told me to stay the night. ‘
Hearing the words of Bara Apar, Muhith moved away from the door and said, “Come in.”
As soon as the girl enters the living room, a strange atmosphere is created by spreading that fragrance in the whole room Muhith likes the smell He had never seen such a beautiful girl in his whole life This is how the hurrahs of paradise feel.
But Muhith’s liking did not last long I remembered his suicide There are three ways to commit suicide in your own home But whether his drawing is sitting in the room or a German hur ৷
Suddenly he got annoyed with himself Drew looked at the wall clock in the room at 2:56 p.m. There is little time left to end life
He looked at Georgia and said, “Look, you can’t stay here tonight. I have a special job If you stay here, I will have problems. “
—‘But your big sister said that … ’
‘Said for sincerity If he had known about my work, he would not have asked me to stay. “
— ‘What kind of work do unemployed people do all night long!’
Hearing this, Muhith looked at the girl in surprise He saw that the smile on the girl’s lips had become a little wider, However, the eyelids are not falling till now
Georgia’s words came as a shock, and she felt a little humiliated Then he said, ‘That is my personal work You don’t have to think about it Sit here for a while I’m calling a good hotel They will send a car
Georgia didn’t take that seriously He went straight from the sitting room to Muhith’s room Where he has built a place of death As soon as he entered the room, he looked around and said, ‘Wow! He is going to commit suicide. ‘Muhith was a little embarrassed to hear this
But he hid the shame inside himself and said in an annoyed voice, “Why did you enter the house?” Come out— ‘Muhith came to his room and stood in front of the girl
Georgia joked, “It’s good.” My night will be spent in entertainment I have seen many games in my life Death did not see the game 6 Today you will commit suicide Seeing that I will get a strange experience in life You need different kinds of experiences in life The more experience there is, the greater the success of survival Losing or winning in life is not a big deal Gaining experience in something is great
Muhith became silent when he heard the girl’s words There was a question mark on the head about suicide Clearing the annoyed voice in his throat, he said in a soft voice, ‘Does death seem like a game to you? You know when a person wants to die When he does not understand what to do while alive Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

The girl pressed her lips and smiled and said, ‘You are very stupid You have no control over your own mind. “
I mean! What do you mean? ‘
Pulling the table and chair on the east side and placing it in front of Muhith, Georgia said, “Sit down.” Then he sat on the bed by himself Muhith saw that the girl’s sitting posture was strange Girls usually sit on their feet in front of strangers But Georgia is crouching on the bed It will look like your own house He has been living in this house for a long time
The girl’s eyes are still blank Muhith is surprised — the girl has not yet shed her eyelids A Google search for the maximum number of eyelids a person can take Georgia clears her throat and says, “Listen, have you ever heard of Hell Alrod?”
Muhith shook his head in a sense
Hell Alrod is the author of The Miracle Morning He thought negative thoughts for more than five minutes It makes people’s life system worse That is why he says that only negative thoughts can be completely removed from the mind.
And Alexander, one of the world’s greatest rulers, has left behind three terrible realities. Before his death, he called all the generals and said, “I have three wishes.” It must be observed after my death When the generals asked about that wish, Alexander said:
My first wish is that only my doctors will take my dead body to the graveyard
The second wish is to scatter all my treasures along the way
The third and last wish is that my hands should be kept out of the two coffins while carrying the dead body
When his eminent general wanted to know the reason for such a statement, Alexander said:
The doctors will carry my dead body In this way, everyone should understand that when the time of death comes, no doctor can bring it back from the door of death
People will realize that scattering treasures along the way while carrying my dead body is not possible with lifelong achievements.
Third, look at my hands outside the coffin so that everyone can understand People come empty-handed, they will return empty-handed
Do you know what I mean by these words? Wealth, wealth, power – none of these things are worth more than a person’s life So there is no point in getting frustrated without getting all these
People get a life what others have there, what I don’t have He is successful in love I failed What is the benefit of wasting your life thinking about all this!
Death is certain When death comes to you Then give yourself to the shop Why are you dragging death before him? Live life beautifully You don’t have to be a millionaire to live a beautiful life There is no need for many names All I need is the wish that I will spend my life happily Try to find happiness in small things Meaning, beautiful women, beautiful men are not happiness There is happiness beyond all this

Give priority to happiness in life Leave everything else on time Time is a miracle People will not be able to tell where time will take a person When time leads people to success, I have worked hard as a human being So I am the winner And when time leads to failure, people carry the responsibility on their shoulders
People can never catch time Time catches people Find happiness by floating in the flow of time …. ‘
Muhith was listening to these words as if hypnotized looked at Georgia’s face
When Georgia said, ‘Understood What I wanted to say was that Muhith regained consciousness He took a deep breath through his hair and said, “Yes, I understand.” Then he put a smile on his face and said, “Thank you.”
Muhith kept an eye on the wall clock I was shocked to see the time It’s four forty-two Time passed so quickly, he could not understand
Turning to Georgia, Muhith said, “You look very familiar Where did I look? “
The girl smiled broadly for the first time Hearing the laughter, Muhith seemed to be a little shocked This smile is known I have heard this a while ago
Muhith left the chair and stood up Said, ‘You sit down I am coming with water in my mouth, ”he said and went to the bathroom With tears in his eyes, Muhith heard the sound of Azan After washing his hands and face well, he entered the room and could not see Georgia on the bed Maybe he went to another room thinking that he could not find the girl in the whole flat
Silently he came to his house and began to think – what happened! Then he saw a cloth hanging on the ceiling, turned off the red light in the room to open it, turned on the white light, and saw a German girl painting on the south wall. Immediately Muhith sat down on the bed shaking his hands and feet The girl in the painting is Georgia! …..
Five years have passed since that night Muhith is now 33 years old He has been married to a girl named Chaiti for two years While his elder sister was sitting in Germany, he fixed Chaiti for Muhith For example, Rupavati Taro has a good mentality They have a daughter Besides working, he has saved a lot of money by doing business
Due to the new decoration of the house, various things are lying here and there Chaiti took the painting of the German girl in her hand and said to Muhith, “It’s been a long time It has become old Throw it away? ‘
Taking the painting from Chaiti’s hand, Muhith said, “It is very valuable The film manages to entertain as well as inform. “
—‘What is the name of the painting? I’ve been watching it for a long time. “
—’S name is Georgia I will be on this wall for the rest of my life, ”Muhith smiled I saw a soft smile in Georgia’s picture too ….

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