Captive Life

Lockdown and our captive life

“Lockdown and our Captive life”

Riya, the educated daughter of the tenant in our house, was upset and said that it would have been better if I am a boy today.

Do you know the reason? Well, listen to me. Since the lockdown, all the little ones on the roof of our house, all of them are starting class Eight-Inter candidates and I have decorated the roof with ludo carom on the roof for all these games. It’s a small effort to have a good time. We used to play and have a lot of fun. We choose a corner of the roof that anyone can’t see from any other roof in the vicinity. However, a part of our seating area can be seen through the window of a house staircase. We wondered who would come here to see us. But we were wrong. Some days later, before we left the roof, a boy in the house see that many girls were playing ludo on the roof. One day, the sound of laughter came from the next building. We were playing ludo. Along with laughter, I heard the sound of many double meaning words and I doubt anyone is telling us? So let’s look at that building. I see 6/7 boys standing in the stairwell.
As soon as we saw this, we went downstairs with everyone, except for the game. The next day I went to play on the roof again and saw that they were present before we reach! But no one can have work in the stairwell! Either they have to go to the roof or down. Anyway, the game was not played that day. Everyone is very upset, they ask me in a way, sister, we can not play anymore ??
I say no problem. I am thinking to change the time of the game. The next morning, everyone got up and went to the roof to play. We had a good two days like this but after that, the boys knew we play in the morning. Again, their disturbance started. We went home.
It would have been better if I were a boy by birth today. I ask why? She says that if I were a boy today, no one would be able to disturb me. I don’t say anything else. What can I say, he didn’t tell a lie. But it hurts a little. Where are we secure? Is it not harassment?

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