Love for Leah

I called Leah, but there was no sound. I am walking around this room of my father-in-law’s house and calling Leah. Suddenly my mother-in-law came in front. I don’t have much fun with her.

"Leah and her sense of lovely family life" a short story

If there is anything at home, My wife Leah says you don’t have never seen as a girl how much trouble the girls have. When I hear this, I smile and say, you don’t see how much trouble the boys have.
In the last few days, he wanted to go to his father’s house, I did not let go. She cried and said, “Why didn’t God make you a girl?” I smiled and asked, what would happen if the girl? She said she understood why girls wanted to go to their father’s house when they were pregnant.
I smiled and said stay with my husband will get more care. Dad did it later, he doesn’t even come to take it. He fell asleep in a sobbing voice. I was busy with my mobile. I don’t know when I fell asleep.

I woke up the next day and saw my father-in-law at home! I didn’t understand anything. I called Leah, but there was no sound. I am walking around this room of my father-in-law’s house and calling Leah. Suddenly my mother-in-law came in front. I don’t have much fun with her. My words with him have been less since marriage. So I rarely come to my father-in-law’s house. But I don’t understand how Aslam left here today. I was forced to salute, and asked where is Leah? My mother-in-law looked at me as if I was sitting on her kidneys. What a waste of time to go. What I understand is that she says, “What’s the matter with today’s girls? It’s not a shame to mention the husband’s name.” I did not understand what he said. I went to the room again. While I was lying down, my mother-in-law came and said, will I spend the whole day lying down or will I do housework and something! I can’t help but be amazed, can’t hold my hand and bring me home now! I looked at him with small eyes. He went to call Liaquat’s father. I began to think that if the name of any of my shala samandi is not Liaquat, then he is calling Liaquat’s father. My mother-in-law went to put a pile of cloth on my face to iron it. Before I could say anything, the mother-in-law said to herself, “Today I will tell Liaquat to keep a maid at home, I can’t do it anymore.” What the wife has brought does not help in any household chores. I have to work all day. I can’t anymore. He said many things at once and left. My body is toning in anger. I will not stay in this house for another moment. After a while, the mother-in-law saw that the clothes were still the same as before, and asked why it had not been done yet. I said on my face that I can’t feel good now. He left again after a while. Asuk Liaquat said while leaving that today is my day or his day. I do not understand who is Liaquat? And why is he talking about his mother-in-law again and again? After a while, it seemed as if I started ironing the clothes. So far I have not looked at myself. The last mother-in-law to dress up came again. Seeing the clothes being ironed, he told Naxint that the clothes had not been folded, he had ironed them. I wanted to hit him on the face. How hard it was for me to iron the clothes without paying any price. The mind became bad. As the mother-in-law was leaving, she went through her trademark poke. How can you learn something from your father’s house? Don’t cut my throat. After a while he came again and said will the queen take a bath, do not have to dry clothes? This time the trademark sting was “People don’t get pregnant anymore, I don’t see them lying down all day! What a beautiful housewife and housewife do housework all day. We have our queen who stays up all day lying down.” I look at myself and see that I’m after Mexi! The abdomen is much larger than normal. I called home early. I talked to Mar. I told my current condition. My mother explained to me. Explained how to do during pregnancy. I was disappointed. What happened to me? I feel dizzy. I went to take a bath and just finished filling the bucket. The mother-in-law came again and started calling, it takes so long to take a bath. All the housework is done later. Some went to say the worklist. I hurriedly finished the bath and went out. As soon as I entered the room, I saw a pile of vegetables. I understood that these have to be cut. But I do not understand how to cut. I left my wet clothes and started cutting vegetables. I started cutting from one side of the forehead, I cut for about half an hour, more than half-finished. After a while, the mother-in-law came and put her hand on her head, “What did she do? Who told you to cut all this?” I said in a soft tone, I thought you left to cut. I left it for cutting, so will you eat it all in one day? He threatened. He threatened again when he saw wet clothes lying around. I forgot about the clothes in a hurry, listening to this is another step. I left the vegetables and went to dry the clothes.

I came and saw some onions, I thought I should cut them. I cut some onions and came to the room. Shortly after, the mother-in-law arrived. He was shouting, who will cut the rest of the onion, and I am a free prisoner, I will work for others all day long. If you don’t give a peek at every word. I thought it would be a problem to cut all the onions, on the contrary. I was very sad, I missed my mother very much. Today, if I had to work with my mother, I would not have to listen to such irritating words. Unknowingly, water came out of the corner of his eye. Went again to cut onions. I went to get up after cutting the onion, it seemed to be stuck in my waist. I went to get up thinking that it would be better if I lay down for a while. And did not get up. I started crushing ginger garlic. Meanwhile, the pain in the waist has started. I got up early after finishing my pizza, my mother-in-law’s lecture started. I got tired of not doing a little work, what yoga is real. We didn’t have time like that, we worked all day … etc. Looking down, a drop of water went over the top. I don’t like talking at all. I felt very helpless. After a while Leah real. Surprised, Leer’s face filled beard. I smiled sadly. He came home and went to the room. I’m standing there, not moving. What is heard again later? After a while, Leah Asal told me to go to the room with a wink. As soon as he entered the room, he moved angrily and said, “I told you one day I will actually come to the room.” Before he could say anything, he went to the washroom. The mood got worse. I thought Leah would be relieved to have something to say to her. But the mood was ruined. Meanwhile, mother-in-law is calling to cook. Leah is calling for a towel. I quickly went to cook with a towel. Aslam came to the room in the evening after finishing cooking. I see Leah is not talking to me. Strange! I asked what happened? Grumpy face wanted to know what I do outside all day? It’s been so long since he came home. Why did I come so late? This time I could not control my anger and said loudly that I had been cutting donkey grass all day. Otherwise, all the donkeys in the house will not eat. When he heard the answer, he realized that I was angry. After a while he said something again. I didn’t give a damn. After a while, I said I will go home tomorrow. The body does not feel good. He said a lot of work ahead can not go home now. Apart from that, I just came home a few days ago. I said I am getting sick here. Need a little rest. Leah said, you have to spend your whole life here, adjust a little. Listening to him, I felt as if I was stuck in a dark corner. The chest is bursting with difficulty. I can’t breathe. The breath is coming off. I woke up immediately. The whole body is wet with sweat.
Looking back to the right, I saw Leah asleep! With a gentle kiss, I promised myself that from now on I will fulfill every small and big whim, as well as listen to everything I try to say!

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