Change in Noori’s Life

English Short Story Change

It is my nature to be indifferent. People say that I got this quality from my father.
My father was so indifferent that my mother said that even if he died, my father would say in a calm manner, “Okay.”
That is exactly what happened. I don’t know what will happen to my fortune. However, it is understood that something very good will not happen. You can feel it by looking at the clouds before the rain comes.
People in this neighborhood call me Sunny Bhai. Although the full name is Sanaullah Noor. I have a tea party. Sometimes, I went to the Azimpur cemetery in a hurry. There are many plants on the side of the mother’s grave. It is as if the wind blows on the body. I don’t know anything about the prayers of visiting graves. So just sit there and think of the afterlife. Once I went at 12 o’clock at night. Mr. Khadem was surprised to see me at that time. And I was surprised to see myself. In the distance I see the soil being dug. No, the body is not being unloaded, it is being lifted. Later I heard that the corpse would be boiled and the meat would be removed. Then the skeleton, meaning the skeleton would be sold to the medical students.
This means that students will buy these stolen bodies at a high price.
Nah, that’s not right. Is the body stolen? The soul goes to God. People can study femur, scapula, humerus only with bones.

MeaWhen you think so much, your head comes to rest. And as soon as I relaxed, I went to Ramiz Bhai’s tea shop.
In the morning tea-singara is available at Ramiz Bhai’s shop. That’s where I have breakfast unless sometimes our tenant’s daughter Pinky comes in with hot parotta and fried eggs, and white bread and pudding for Dad. Oil-free soft food for older people.
But when the father is at home, that’s how the girl arrives. The day my father leaves home in the morning, I mean, I’m the only one who doesn’t have this meal.
I have no complaint whether it is a coincidence or intentional.
I heard that the girl convince my father for eating breakfast. So for three months, the father did not take their rent. meanwhile, not only food but also the cry of his mother is needed to achieve this goal. whatever, that’s their business. I love to be indifferent. Yet suddenly the brain becomes inflamed. It seems that when the blood circulation increases.
What does science call it, resonance in neurons or something like this – oh, no, why are you thinking so much, the peak hour of tea is over.

I have to down the stairs. Ramiz will make me Malai tea with cream, along with egg chop. It was evening.

People say, my father eats land. How can the land be eaten? Not exactly playing in my head. I used to eat tea-singara.
Pinky once asked, your graduation is over, the result is also good. Do you want to go abroad?
I said, no, will there be tea-singara or not? I want tea-singara from my brother Ramiz’s shop in the morning.
When she heard this, she became very angry and left. Anger or pride, I do not understand. The meaning of the two is different in the dictionary!

I’m very good at English, Dad said. Dad did an MBA. He must understand my criteria because he is very good. That means maybe I’m fine.
But when I taught Pinky English, I called some words similar words but failed to understand her. Suppose one day I tell him, arrogance is not good, you know? Take the arrogance of your appearance or the good result of SSC, this arrogance cannot be done. How long have you been lying in front? How many exams – HSC, Admission, BCS, or ILTS.

At that time he had to teach some similar words of arrogance. I said, ego, arrogance, vanity, pride – you can call them similar.
He suddenly said, Sunny brother, it would not be right to throw Pride in it. That is pride. Not arrogance.
That’s right! I thought, pride and arrogance, or egoism – all these have different meanings according to the Bengali dictionary. That’s when my brain got tired. I realized it was time for tea. Then I said goodbye after drinking a cup of tea made by Pinky.
Although my father has not rented their house for the last three months, I have been taking my tuition money for the last three years. From this, I understand that sometimes my brain is stimulated in the right place. That means the brain is still working, not useless.
One evening I was lying in the room with the lights off since I was not in the tea shop. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. It seems that the fever will be one hundred and two or three. Well, what do one hundred and three degrees Fahrenheit mean in Celsius? More than thirty-eight?

Nah, it doesn’t feel good to think. I closed my eyes and lay down.
I don’t know when I fell asleep. I woke up and discovered that there was no fever. I am very hungry. Look at the side box next to the bed, hotpot. Hey, I wanted to eat soup, I see coconut water with it. Who kept these for me?

My father sued Sunny Builders against another real estate. How is it?
I have known for so long that my father eats other people’s land, occupies it, and builds a building. If the father himself ate the land and filed a case against others? Also the land adjacent to Dhanmondi Lake. Well, I think we had a few plots there. Mother once said. So someone else has taken over our land?
I know what. There is no need to think so. It takes a cup of tea to think. Otherwise, the head program does not run. No need to think now. I remain indifferent.
As soon as I left the house in the afternoon, I saw a car come and stop in our parking lot on the ground floor. It’s not our car. Whose car? Who came? I see it is going for the purpose of Pinky’s house. Pot or pot family or not? Did you come to see him? Mishtimanda is also seen in many hands.
Let’s get better. Sweets will also be available today after dinner. Bua is saying that you can make biryani for the night. Ah, at the end of the biryani, the sweet forehead of the baby will surely be gathered.
I ate biryani and read Victor Hugo’s La Miserable at night. Surprisingly, there is a sentence in this novel that has 623 words. My eyes are watery.
Pinky came at 10 o’clock at night. There is what was supposed to be in hand, the message, the sweet – ah, what a great.
Putting it on my desk, he said, I have a talk with you.
What? About sweets? I will eat now.
What? Just talking nonsense. Come here.
I came to the verandah with him. He told me that my father had arranged my marriage. The boy lives in the US. Will marry me next month.
Ah, that’s good. The boy is a genius. Your children will also be geniuses.
You shut up, Pinky said angrily. You have nothing to do?
What to do? Did you bring tea? It would not be bad to have tea at the end of sweets and messages.
Take this tea. He took the flask out of the cover and handed it to me. Grumbled in anger and left.
I do not understand, what is the matter? Does the girl love me? I don’t know, I don’t understand. However, the brain is getting excited. I eat sweets and drink tea. And read Victor Hugo’s book. The head will be clear.

You can change yourself if you want. This change is not always negative. I have positively changed myself.

-Change of Noori’s Life

Nowadays I don’t see much with my father. I live in one house, but there is no meeting. Dad gets up before me in the morning and goes to work on his business, and I don’t even notice when he returns at night. Mama, the doorman, opens the door.
One day my father suddenly called me to his farm. After a long time, I entered the office. All the employees are saluting me. What’s the matter, why do the engineers salute me?
The coaching of Physics Chemistry Math would go through all the heads after coaching in Udvas. And these people have got a BSc degree by cutting all these. Now he is also greeting me. Wow!
Entering my father’s room was a beautiful feeling. Peonata Singara has also brought. I feel like my father is asking me to bring it. Ah, Dad understands me so much!
Dad gave a long speech,
Sunny, I’m old. I can’t take care of many things nowadays. We get the average as Expense and Revenue files. I can’t find out who squanders the money. Employees blame each other.
Hasan Builders has taken possession of our land in Dhanmondi. I have filed a case. However, this case does not seem to be decided before I die. If you pay a little attention to life, I would find peace before I die. One day you have to sit here.
Yes, I am … Yes, I left with tea-singara in my stomach.
Dad died of a stroke two days later.

I was looking at the diary twenty years ago. What an idiot I was. I can’t believe it.
People understand that it can be!
You can change yourself if you want. This change is not always negative. I have positively changed myself.
‘Dad, I’m first!’ My son Arya came running to speak. He fell to nine.
I was sitting on the verandah with my diary in my hand. Pinky brought tea. Said, tomorrow Hasan will give the verdict of our appeal against the builders. We will win.
Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance.
Pinky won that day. His studies did not stop. As soon as I sat in my father’s chair, my brain got a little excited. I went to her father and told him that his marriage would not take place now. He will study and he wants to study law. That too will happen.
Pinky did that. The barrister completed and returned with my son. I also used to go to London once every two months.
Pinky is winning me over today. The verdict of land worth hundreds of crores of rupees is going to be ours tomorrow.

Sir, our Expense and Revenue files are matching.
I was sitting in the office. Sambit came back with the words of Mr. Aslam. I respect this man like my father. Dad was a close friend.
‘Manager, call the accountant, uncle. Tell me, I will submit the file to my room tomorrow. If an average of one taka is found, they will have to be jobless at the age of forty. He came by saying. ‘
The brain is quite functional nowadays. I can’t be indifferent anymore. In the afternoon I will visit Dhanmondi Lake with Pinky.

The world is war. And Pinky is like a stream of blood in my battle.
“All the great creations on earth are eternally beneficial,
Half of it is done by women, half by men. “

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