Boys and girls can be friends but they must fall in love

 Boys and girls can be friends but they must fall in love

“Friendship” what do you think?

Hope everyone read very carefully… #Shakespeare said, ′′ A boy can never be a girl’s friend because there is emotion, physical desire. ′′ Same thing said by Irish poet Oscar Wilde. ′′ It is impossible to have a relationship of friendship between a man and a woman. All that can be is desire, weakness, hate, or love. ” । The entering of friendship is hypocrisy. Just waiting for the opportunity. The last result is adultery.

Humayun Ahmed said, ′′ Boys and girls can be friends but they must fall in love. Maybe for a short time or at the wrong time. Or too late, or not forever. But they must fall in love. Just waiting for the opportunity.

Honestly, the friendship between boys and girls is impossible and against nature. Because nature will lose its existence if friendship is only. Magnet and iron can never stay together. Will attract. If anyone avoids it he is hypocrisy or cheating.
Wax will melt beside the fire. Boys and girls can be friends, but once in love or illegal relationship, they will take the form. Just waiting for the opportunity. And this is normal.

But Flirtationship is strongly supporting these comments which means snatching. Dirty or sexual attraction to speak in harsh words. In the past few years ago, we used to see the friendship of son-daughter from a place of respect, more like brother-sister. But in the present time, it has taken far ahead of Friendship to Flirtationship and it is from the philosophy of Western culture.

The biggest thing is that nowadays it is more popular than girlfriend, boyfriend relationship because there is no responsibility for anyone, no commitment. Independently, both are fulfilling physical aspirations. And this could be the cause of social and cultural conflict. As Bangladesh is traditionally the majority of Muslims. The attraction of western culture and the attitude of expressing itself as modern is the tool. So if parents aren’t alert yet, we’re moving towards that culture when a boy or girl can’t tell for sure who their parents are!

So keep in mind who your sister or daughter, husband or wife, brother or son are mixing with! The company is most important here.

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