Blue Moonlight

Blue moonlight special because Mihi believes that one day they will come back as blue moonlight. He spends his night listening to the story of blue moonlight

blue moonlight

“Daddy! Why isn’t Mommy saying anything?” Mihi broke down in tears and told Mr. Raihan.
No words are coming out of Mr. Raihan’s mouth. Crying for a while, he hugged Mihi and said, “Your mother will never say anything again, mother! Azrail has taken your mother’s life. She will never speak again.”
Nothing entered Mihir’s head. He does not understand who Azrail is! Why is his mother taking his life so that he can no longer talk to her?
Mr. Raihan’s wife has been suffering from cancer for three months. The doctor said he didn’t have much time. At any time he can travel to the hereafter. Even though the words were said differently to Dr. Raihan, how did Mr. Raihan’s wife know?
Mihi cried that day when she saw the two of them breaking down in tears. Mihi herself does not know why she cried. However, he understood that his father and mother would not cry without any reason.
For the past two months, she has been watching her father break down in tears with his mother and father. Seeing their cries, he and Rose cried with them.

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